Supporting small businesses is all the rage these days. Just one week after Amazon ran a promotion to buy from small businesses in the lead-up to Prime Day, Google is getting in on the fun. Between today and July 4th, you can get $10 cashback if you shop at a small business using the Google Pay app — though you'll need to have a Pixel phone in your hand to be eligible.

Google is taking this as an opportunity to promote Small Business Week and its recent updates to the Pay app. It's not the first "free cash" promotion launched this year, but it's probably the one that requires the least amount of hoops to jump through. To get your reward, all you need to do is shop at a qualifying small business — basically, any company that isn't one of the top 200 retailers with more than 500 employees. Think cafes, local bookstores, or anything of that sort.

However, you'll need some specific hardware to qualify. See, Google has been working hard to make its phone lineup something people take more seriously, and it's using this promotion as yet another occasion. To qualify, you'll need to make a contactless NFC payment with Pay from a Pixel phone. That definitely rules out many Android users from qualifying, though plenty of our readers probably have a Pixel device laying somewhere around the house they could use.

You'll have until July 4th to make a qualifying purchase. Vending machines don't count, but there doesn't seem to be a minimum purchase required, so head to your favorite bakery and grab a scone on Google.

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Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage
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