Have you heard? It's Prime Day! Yes, Amazon's annual parade of paradoxical wallet-destroying savings has started, and unlike last year, there are plenty of good deals to go around — including a bunch of nice prices on Chromebooks from the likes of Asus, Lenovo, and even Google.

Amazon is offering savings of up to $250 on many Chromebook models — but of course, the biggest discounts are on models that are pricier to begin with. Here are five of the best deals going right now:

That $250 discount on the i7-equipped, 4K display-sporting top-shelf Pixelbook Go model doesn't exactly bring it down to impulse purchase territory, but it's the least expensive that particular configuration has been so far. It's also got 16 gigs of RAM, which is plenty for the Chrome browser to chew on.

Here are a few more Prime Day Chromebook deals, for your consideration:

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