A lot of you got upset with me when I waxed poetic on how much better iPads are than Android tablets. Well here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is ... albeit slightly less of your money than usual. As part of Prime Day, Amazon is offering $80 off of the latest generation of the iPad Air. It's a fantastic deal on the "sweet spot" of the iPad lineup.

What I mean by that is this: the iPad Air gen 4 has almost most of the plusses of the iPad Pro, including that sleek rounded-and-flattened design, a bit of extra power, compatibility with some of Apple's (admittedly overpriced) keyboards, a slightly bigger screen than the base model, and most thankfully, a USB-C port that works with tons of accessories including video-out cables. And it does all of that while being hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Pro, missing out only on the higher-refresh screen, two extra speakers, and a better camera — features which, I would argue, aren't going to be a big deal for most tablet users.

The base iPad Air 64GB is normally $600, down to just $520 today. You can add an LTE modem for $650, bump up the storage to 256GB for $670, or get them both for $800, again, all with an $80 discount on the retail price. These discounts are good for all five colors of the iPad Air. Discounts this deep on iPad hardware are rare, so pick 'em up while you can.