iRobot's smart Roomba vacuum cleaners have long become the de-facto market leader, with many people using the brand name when they just mean any automatic vacuum. And during Prime Day 2021, you can save big on some of the great products offered by the company, like the Roomba i6+ that you only have to empty every two months. It's $300 off and can be yours for just $500 today.

The Roomba i6+ has a compartment built into its charging station that it uses to store excess dust and dirt from its container, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up after the robot for a long time. Like most other vacuums in this price bracket, the i6+ uses smart mapping and an array of sensors to get to know your home and make cleaning as efficient as possible. You can use the app to set up routines and schedules or connect the robot with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to use voice control. The i6+ was already on sale last year's Prime Day, but this time around, it's $100 cheaper at just $500, today only.

If you still don't want to shell out that much money for a vacuum cleaner, iRobot also has a few other products on offer today. There's the recently released Roomba i4+ with a similar two-month dirt storage system, Assistant and Alexa compatibility, and smart mapping for $400 ($250 off). If you don't care for all these fancy storage and mapping solutions, the entry-level Roomba 692 could be for you, which goes for just $200 today ($100 off). Should you need a smart mop rather than a smart vacuum, there's also the iRobot Braava jet m6 for $300 ($200 off).

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