Most of us yet to make the jump to a mesh Wi-Fi system are used to signal issues, dead spots, and intermittently middling performance. It's not the sort of upgrade you think will be life-changing, but if you work from home, it kind of can be, and a two-pack of Google Nest Wifi routers can be snagged right now for 30%/$90 off as part of the Prime Day festivities.

We loved the Nest Wifi in our review, but you still might need to do a bit of research to see what sort of setup is better for you. Nest Wifis points are available as both routers (you'll need at least one) and points. Routers and points can both be mixed and matched as part of a single mesh home setup, but the prices for each vary, and there are advantages and disadvantages for each.

If you need extra ethernet ports where you'll be placing your nodes to wire a few gadgets in, it's better to use a more expensive Nest Wifi Router in that location, as they have ethernet. But the ethernet-less points do have one perk the routers don't: They serve double-duty as Assistant-integrated smart speakers.

Two Nest Wifi modules should be enough to serve up to 3800 square feet, according to Google, which likely covers the footprint of most homes, and if the ethernet ports sound like a good idea, you might want to snag today's deal before stock runs out or Prime Day is over.