C'mon Google, you know the traditional way to collect tears from middle-aged fathers is just to play some Harry Chaplin. You didn't have to sit some video editor down and force them to make a minute-long piece of fictional yet relatable one-sided conversations between a dad and his teenage son. But here we are: happy Father's Day, I guess.

There's not much to this one; Google's showing off its Search, Messages (with RCS, natch), dialer, YouTube, Assistant reminders, and Photos. The dad tries multiple times to reach out to his son, getting either the cold shoulder or cold feet with each one.

The tone and easy listening music definitely get to you on this video. But I think Google is missing a bit of subtext here: based on the age of the photos from "ten years ago," there's no way that "Jake" is old enough to pay for his own phone or phone plan. So answer your damn phone, Jake. Those things don't grow on trees, and neither does the money it takes to keep them connected every month.