Google is constantly improving its text messaging app with new features. It recently got a bunch of enhancements, such as the ability to automatically declutter your inbox and send encrypted RCS messages. These are significant improvements, but there's one simple yet essential feature that has been missing from the app for a while: the ability to pinch to zoom in your conversations. Thankfully, the feature is now available in the app's latest version.

Although this doesn't seem like a major improvement, users couldn't adjust the font size in Google Messages until now. Sure, they could always change the system font size, but that would have meant using a larger or smaller one for all of your apps.

As you can see in the above video, it's now as easy as pinching the screen to instantly increase or decrease the font size. According to Reddit users, the feature is available for people who use v8.3.026 or above. I personally don't have the feature yet using the latest stable version available for me, which is v8.1.051, but some people on the stable release say they have it. In any case, it should be rolling out soon for all users.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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