What's the only thing Google likes more than introducing new products and services? You, in the back? Yes, that's right: killing them off. Last fall, we spotted the writing on the wall as the Nest Secure home security system was being retired, including its Nest Detect sensors. In the months since we've had a few opportunities to snag more of those sensors as they sporadically returned to the Google Store, but now we're getting word that they're finally about to leave for good.

Available for $49, each Nest Detect gives you one sensor and magnet combo, with two included brackets for mounting flat or on a corner. You'll need to pair with a Nest Secure that you already own, since Google isn't restocking the security system itself.

Every few months we'd catch wind of a new batch of Nest Detects arriving, but now Google is warning users that this most recent wave is going to be it. The company doesn't mince any words about it, either: "Once this inventory runs out, Nest Detect will no longer be available to purchase."

Nest Secure can support up to 30 Detects placed around a house, so if you want to go crazy with motion sensors, now's your last chance to stock up.

Final stock refresh

This is formally your last chance to buy Nest Detect from Google.