Google's new storage policy came into effect on June 1 and dropped the free unlimited backup plan for Google Photos. However, some users — including a couple of us at AP — have managed to upload several GBs of media without it occupying even an iota of our account storage. What's happening, you ask? We reached out to Google for an explanation and discovered that some Photos users are just luckier than others.

While the new storage policy went into effect from June 1, it did not do so for everyone. Yes, Google is rolling out the policy gradually, meaning that not all users immediately lost the ability to upload unlimited media to Photos for free. This is exactly why some of us have managed to not move the storage counter despite uploading additional images and videos.

However, know that this treat is short-lived, as sooner or later your account will also be enveloped by the new policy — pray you're a part of the last batch of users.

Google also offers an additional explanation: There could also be a lag in processing your recent uploads which is why the storage taken by them doesn't reflect immediately. So, if you're short on space and are thinking of backing up a hard disk's worth of memories online, there's a chance you'll get stuck halfway through — even though Google shows that you still have space left.

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