We've been expecting the Pixel Buds-A Series for a while. We've been hearing about them since they surfaced in FCC listings in March. Google has also been teasing us about them, first in April, by featuring them in a promotional email and then bluntly tweeting about them. Thankfully, the wait is finally over, as you can now buy the buds from various online retailers for $99.

Both Olive and White models are now ready to ship from various sites, including Best Buy and Walmart, and are also available for in-store pickup. You should also be able to get a pair from the Google Store later today, although it still lists them as available for pre-order at this time. Interestingly, Walmart lists the Olive version as out of stock, but you can still grab it from Best Buy if you want a pair quickly.

If you're unfamiliar with the Pixel Buds A-Series, they're a stripped-down version of the 2020 Pixel Buds, and therefore offer great sound quality and comfort at a lower price. If you'd like to learn more about these buds, make sure to read Taylor's review. Otherwise, click one of the links below to grab yours from your favorite retailer.