Generally speaking, we're big fans of Wyze's budget-friendly smart home gadgets around here. The company has managed to release everything from security cameras to robot vacuums while undercutting the competition along the way. And while not every single product is a hit, Wyze has still built a great ecosystem of products worth your investment. Its Android app is getting a new update this week, bringing Google Home and Assistant support to the Wyze Lock.

Despite a few glitches, our review of the Wyze Lock praised its low price and easy installation. It was missing one prominent feature at launch, though: integration with Google Home, which would allow for voice commands to lock and unlock your door as needed. Found in the patch notes for this week's Wyze app update Home support for the lock, so you can finally link your front door to your smart home app. This update delivers all of the benefits of Google Home integration, like voice commands and a single app management system.

To get everything up and running, you'll need to dive into the app's settings menu to add a PIN to your lock. AP's Stephen Schenck — who reviewed the Wyze Lock last year — was able to test out using voice commands to unlock his front door. Syncing the two services together was easy enough, but Assistant failed to detect the first digit of his PIN multiple times. When it did register, it mistook "four" as "for" and errored out the entire set of numbers. After setting a new PIN, though, everything worked fine.

Assistant weirdness aside, this has been a long time coming. Users on Wyze's support forums have been asking for the lock to be added to the Home app since it launched over a year ago. Considering the company's other products sync with Home without any issues, this has been a glaring omission in its portfolio of gadgets.

The update also brings along several improvements to various other devices, including vacation mode for the Bulb Color, a low battery indicator for Sense v2, and app sorting for the Wyze Watch. You can grab the update using the Play Store link below or download the latest APK from APKMirror.

Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter
Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter