While we're all waiting for Google's revamped Wear OS to drop later this year, there's only one watch running Android worth picking up right now: Mobvoi's TicWatch Pro 3. A year after its release, it's still the only wearable with Snapdragon's Wear 4100 chip. Mobvoi has done a great job keeping its flagship watch updated since launch, and now it's doing the same with its partner app. The latest update to its app refreshes the design to make it easier to manage your device and track your fitness.

If you've been using Mobvoi's app with your watch since last summer, you know this redesign is a big deal. The new look of the app (via XDA-Developers) is a major improvement over the old layout, with cleaner menus and more information shown at once on-screen. There's an all-new personal fitness report to keep track of your activity over weeks or months at a time, along with a focus on graph-based cards to help showcase your fitness efforts.

Left: Old version. Middle, right: New version (via u/CookieGamesOfficial).

Visually, this is a big step up over the original appearance, which brought back some not-so-fond memories of Android apps circa 2013, though if you were hoping for dark mode to stick around, you might be disappointed. Finally, Mobvoi brings along some new trackable exercises in this update, including badminton, HIIT, Pilates, and more.

It does seem like some of this new version wasn't quite ready for primetime. For example, "TicCare" is listed in the changelog as a new addition, though it's not accessible in the app just yet. The fitness report also isn't functioning, but with a TicWatch event on the horizon tomorrow, an official reveal of this new software could be waiting in the wings. The folks at XDA also managed to find evidence of a new watch and TicPods products in strings of code in the app, which could make for an exciting reveal tomorrow. For now, though, it's good to see the software side of TicWatch get a new coat of paint.

As always, you can grab the app from the Play Store link below or install the latest APK from APKMirror.