With RCS, Google has positioned its Messages app to take on WhatsApp, Telegram, and any other online chat app aiming for communication domination. Although it has come a long way since its earliest days as Android's default SMS client, Messages is still missing a handful of features found in the competition. Thankfully, you can cross pinned conversations off the list today, as Google is adding starred messages to its app.

We've all needed to keep track of essential topics, only to lose them in the depths of your chat client. With starred messages, an all-new category now exists to put an end to your struggle. To bookmark a message, just tap and hold onto its bubble, then add a star. All saved messages are kept in their own category, so you can find travel plans, addresses, Wi-Fi passwords, and any other essential texts all in a single location.

It's been a long-awaited feature for Messages, hinted at in an APK from last month. Other services like Telegram have allowed users to pin messages for years, even adding multiple pins last fall. It's good to see Google finally including the option in its service. Starred messages are coming to users over the coming weeks.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free