A lot of Google's hardware tends to be polarizing, but its recent Nest speakers and displays are pretty much universally liked. They're not terribly expensive, either, with the entry-level Nest Mini and Nest Hub starting at $50 and $100, respectively. If you're looking for a whole bunch of new kit, though, today's sales on eBay might interest you: you can save up to $99 on Nest bundles.

There are three bundles available: Nest Hub with Nest Mini, Nest Hub with Nest Audio, and Nest Hub with Nest Hub Max. Depending on which you're after, you'll save anywhere between $59 and $99 per bundle.

Here's everything you can get right now:

If you're looking for more killer Google deals, the Nest Audio is down to $75 today too — the cheapest we've seen a single unit go for yet.