Amazon's second-gen Echo Buds punch above their price on delivering great, wireless sound to last a road trip or plane ride. But if you're a Prime member, that punch really perks up today as you can grab them starting at $80.

If you push heavy on Alexa and want some form of ANC without breaking the bank, these will be your pair of earbuds. From our review, you'll find the sound to be more than passable and noise cancellation to make a difference — slight, but a difference nonetheless and certainly what we expect at this price — with a rated battery life of up to 15 hours with the charging case.

The buds came out at an introductory price of $100 before settling back up at their official MSRP of $120. For Prime members, though, they can now get them for $80 for a limited time. You can also switch out charging cases for a Qi-enabled one at a total price of $100 — the same savings compared to the introductory price ($20) and MSRP ($40). Pricing for the bundle which includes an Anker wireless charging pad has not changed at $158.

Consider that Apple's AirPods start at $159 direct from the company and, well, these Echo Buds certainly look like worthwhile alternatives.