If you're a heavy user of Google Chrome, tab groups are likely a godsend for you, but the current implementation is far from comprehensive. As it turns out, Google is already working on improving the desktop experience and we can already get a glimpse of what's to come thanks to a new Canary flag.

The flag (spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2) introduces tab groups in the History menu. That means if you shut a group, you can now choose to restore either the entire group of tabs at once or cherry-pick individual tabs from a sub-menu (shown below). This will definitely come in handy when groups involve several dozen tabs — imagine having to restore them individually!

If you're using Chrome Canary on Mac/Windows/Linux/Chrome OS, you can try this out by entering chrome://flags in the address bar and enabling the Show app menu history sub menus flag.

That's not all, though — there's also a Chrome Repository commit which shows that Google is making bookmarking more intuitive for dedicated tab group users. If you click on Bookmark All Tabs when multiple tab groups are open, Chrome will save nested folders instead of saving a single folder with a flat list of all the open tabs.

We're not sure if and when these features will roll out to the stable channel, but we hope they do soon, since they'll decidedly improve the tab groups experience on Chrome.