If you've been on the internet for a while, you probably know about Google+ — Google's failed attempt at creating a social network. While the network closed shop for personal accounts in 2019, its remnants still live and break functionality in the Google Phone app for Android.

Google Phone's Nearby Places feature allows one to search for businesses around them and either contact them via a phone number or get more information online. Unfortunately, for some incomprehensible reason, Google is still using Google+ links for the latter, redirecting all requests to a page that talks about the demise of the social network.

On the contrary, queries for businesses on Google Search don't use these deprecated Google+ links and instead rightly link to the business website.

Even if many folks out there don't use Nearby Places — probably because searching directly on Google is more instinctual — it's surprising that Google hasn't done anything about this yet. Google Phone is a very popular application and even if a small subset of users routinely face this problem, it's enough reason for Google to focus its energy on fixing what's broken — instead of breaking what's not.

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