Google is a search company. You'd think that it would be focused on the quality of its search over, well, basically everything. But for the last few weeks (at least), a growing number of users are seeing a frequent lack of results in the main Google app when using its search function. It just returns a blank page under the Google logo.

The bug seems to be affecting phones indiscriminately, as we've seen readers with the same blank results on hardware from Google, Samsung, and OnePlus. While the occasional stutter between the primary Google app and Google's servers is expected (a hiccup in your mobile connection, for example), what we're seeing is too frequent and widespread to be attributable to random unrepeatable problems.

Working around the issue doesn't seem to be very difficult; running a new query or force-closing the Google app seems to clear it up. I also haven't seen this problem when running searches from the Chrome URL bar or other, similar versions of Google search. Even so, it'd be nice if we could use the primary Search app right on the first try.

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