The imaginatively named Files by Google app has come a long way since its debut as Files Go in 2017. Google has steadily added additional features and functionality, and the app became the default file manager in Android 11 earlier this year. Now it's starting to pick up another new feature — one that will save you from losing important files if you accidentally hit the delete button.

This comes in the form of a new folder called Trash (distinct from the trash folder hidden in Android 11) that's accessible from the side pullout menu. Instead of sending deleted data to the file afterlife right away, the app will be able to send things to this folder, where they'll stick around for 30 days just in case you change your mind.

Items in the Trash folder can be restored or permanently deleted.

We first caught wind of this functionality back in December 2020, when a new release of the Files app made it look like we didn't have too long to wait. Version 1.0.345 included a number of other improvements like enhancements to background audio playback and a new screenshot cleaning feature to detect and delete musty old screenshot pictures that are boxed up and rotting away in your phone's proverbial attic. Mainly, though, we were interested in seeing early progress towards getting Trash.

Our actual wait has ended up being quite a bit longer than that release had us hoping, but some six months later, we're finally starting to see the Trash folder arrive.

The basic interface is largely unchanged since we were first introduced to it last year. In addition to this new Trash support, Files is also being updated with some minor UI tweaks for Android 12, and modernizing its sharing functionality with support for Nearby Share.

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