Android 12 Beta 2 finally introduced some of the more enticing changes like wallpaper-based theming and the privacy dashboard, but Google has also tweaked some other parts of the latest release while it was at it. Among these is the Pixel Launcher, which now more clearly shows you the grid when moving app icons and widgets around.

As soon as you long-press an item on your homescreen on Beta 2, you'll see a little outline around it, indicating the space it occupies. Then, when you start moving the icon around via drag-and-drop, the outline will follow along it, showing you which new spot it will take and which other app shortcuts will be moved. The remove and uninstall drag areas at the top of the homescreen have also gained outlines that are subtly filled once you move the app or widget on top of them, visually explaining that you can start the action by letting go on top of them.

Overall, it's a pretty small change, but it should make moving icons and widgets a clearer and maybe even a more fun experience. Previous versions of the launcher already showed you which new position an app icon or widget will take via an outline, too, but the new Android 12 visuals are based around the space an item will take up in the grid rather than showing the new position of the app icon itself only.

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