Android 12 beta 2 debuted the new operating system's much-anticipated automated theming system, which adjusts the colors of your phone's entire interface to match and complement the background wallpaper of your choice. We've been playing with it for the last day, but for a perfect example of why you'll want to check it out, we turn to Ars Technica Reviews Editor and Android Police alumnus Ron Amadeo.

Ron posted the image above to his Twitter account, carefully documenting the "Monet" system's reaction to a full rainbow of primary background colors. While not everyone is thrilled with some of the more radical changes to the user interface in Android 12, you gotta admit, that's pretty darn cool.

Ron notes that the system isn't perfect: more complex, multi-colored images can sometimes result in less-than-ideal accent colors that make things harder to read (though the all-black Quick Settings area helps that a bit).

Since we're still months away from a full release of Android 12, Google has time to tweak its system for sampling and accenting colors, hopefully adding some kind of user adjustment option.