Notes apps often include some kind of to-do list function, so it's kind of remarkable that Evernote doesn't. Or at least didn't as of yesterday, when the app added a new Tasks section for some users. It's available via the left-side hamburger menu, though Evernote is quick to point out that this part of the app is in early access.

Tasks can be created independently or attached to an existing Note. Either way, they'll all show up in the Tasks area for management. Each Task can be given a due date, an alarm, or tagged with Evernote's flag system. It functional enough, though I think trying to juggle two different but very similar classes of reminders might get tricky to follow for some users.


For the time being Tasks is in early access, and may not be visible to all Evernote users. Apparently it's rolling out in a server-side test, so don't be too discouraged if you can't find it on the latest release of the app.

Those users that do see it can access all of its features for free ... which Evernote says might not be the case forever. Once the early access period is over, some or all of the functions of the Tasks section might be locked behind paid accounts.