With the latest beta of Android 12, Google is diving deep into some of its more substantive interface changes. One is the new "Internet" Quick Settings tile, which replaces both Wi-Fi and mobile (5G/LTE/3G) connection tiles. This one opens up a pop-up menu of local connections, allowing the user to quickly swap between them.

The gist is that you can switch between Wi-Fi networks, or manually select a mobile one (possibly even multiple mobile connections if you have a dual-SIM or eSIM setup), without ever going deeper into the Settings menu. Tapping on a locked Wi-Fi network will let you quickly input a password, and tapping the "X" on the right side of a connection will disable auto-connect for a short time.

You can still quickly reach the full Wi-Fi menu (now also called "Internet"), either by long-tapping the QS tile or tapping "Settings" in the overlay. But this change looks like it'll help change wireless connections on the fly. The downside, at least from my perspective, is that there's no way to quickly shut off the Wi-Fi connection entirely. You'll have to go into the full Internet settings menu and manually turn it off.