Google often seems to prefer iOS over Android, with its iOS apps getting the latest features before their counterparts on Android. But in the case of the latest Google Photos update on iPhones, things are reversed. iOS users are only now getting the new photo and video editing interface that's been available on Android since April.

As Google announced in its Photos help forum, the new "smart and easy-to-use features" are starting to roll out to iOS, perfectly coinciding with yesterday's WWDC kickoff, Apple's developer conference. Photos is gaining the redesigned photo editor that puts machine-learning suggestions front-and-center while still giving you easier access to all the granular image editing toggles and slides. Google specifically mentions existing suggestions like Enhance and Color Pop, but says that "we’ll continue to add more suggestions over time to help your portraits, landscapes, sunsets, and more really stand out."

Video editing has always been a more than rudimentary experience in Photos on both iOS and Android, but that's changing with the new video editor. It allows you to trim, rotate, crop, adjust, and apply filters, letting you adjust clips without having to rely on other software.

Left: Old video editor. Middle & Right: New video editor.

The update is now rolling out to iPhones and iPads, so be sure to check Google Photos on your devices to see if you can already get your hands on them. If you have an Android phone, you should already have access to them for a long time. For a deep dive, check out our previous coverage.