Google Meet made some big headway for itself with the onset of the pandemic, and thanks to free unlimited video calls, it's one of the most popular videoconferencing applications out there. Now, shortly after overhauling its UI, Google is bringing Meet a couple of features that Zoom has had for a while.

You'll finally be able to add video backgrounds on the web, however, the choice is limited to one of three Google-made videos: a classroom, a party, and a forest. While this surely isn't the same as selecting any video you like on Zoom, Google says it's working on introducing more options and adding mobile support in the near future.

The feature is currently rolling out to all Workspace and personal Google account holders. And oh — the replace background feature will require Chrome version 87+ starting on June 30.

That's not all; you'll finally be able to select custom backgrounds on Meet for Android. Until now, the service only offered the option to blur the background. But if you were hoping to use a custom image, tough luck — you'll have to choose from Google’s presets, which include office spaces, landscapes, and abstract backgrounds.

This is currently rolling out to all Google Workspace users, and it might start hitting personal accounts in the near future.