Foldable phones are kind of like exotic sports cars: everyone can agree that they're cool, but very few of us can justify the expense for something only marginally more capable than a standard design. According to a recent leak, Samsung's next foldable phones will be considerable improvements in terms of price, bringing them within attainable reach for more consumers.

How much more attainable? About 20%, according to SamMobile. Though the site did not name the source of its information, it's regarded as quite reliable when it comes to Samsung hardware. Refreshes for both the Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Galaxy Z Flip are expected before the end of 2021.

Taking that 20% cut to the original retail prices on today's phones, that would price a prospective Galaxy Z Fold3 at $1600 and a Galaxy Z Flip2 at $1120. (We're guessing at those names, obviously.) While those prices would still be well above the starting range for a flagship, they're not quite so mind-boggling as they were, especially with the seemingly unstoppable creep northward for conventional phone designs. Samsung's most expensive, fully-loaded Galaxy S21 Ultra is $1380 with 512GB of storage, and the most expensive iPhone is now $1400.

Other recent leaks indicate that Samsung may mix up the design for the next round of foldables, with two-tone color options, bigger camera bumps, and just maybe an under-display selfie camera. There's also the looming specter of that rumored double-folding phone, which (assuming it ever makes it out of R&D) would take the new top spot as Samsung's most expensive handset.