Switching to a new phone is challenging enough, and that's before you're prompted to pay upfront for cloud storage to move your files over. Thankfully, Apple is making a big change to its setup process. Starting with iOS 15, you no longer have to pay for extra storage to upload your iPhone's backup to the cloud.

According to the complete list of iOS 15 details on Apple's website, you'll now be granted a temporary amount of iCloud storage space after you buy a new device to allow your backup to move freely from one phone or tablet to the next. This storage space is only meant to be used for backups, and it'll disappear after three weeks, but that's plenty of time to get all of your apps, photos, contacts, and messages onto your new iPhone. Considering the cost of a brand new iPhone, some temporary free storage to transfer a backup is a pretty nice gesture of goodwill.

Apple is also improving the experience of moving from Android to iOS with its latest software. The setup process in iOS 15 will include a QR code that leads directly to the Move to iOS app in the Play Store for easy downloading. The Android app has also gained the ability to move photo albums, files and folders, and even accessibility settings to iPhone.

This update continues Apple's quest to make switching to iOS easier than ever, but whether it'll be enough to win over anyone who hasn't already invested in its ecosystem remains to be seen.