Security is on everyone's mind these days, with more people than ever looking to keep their browsing data hidden from prying eyes. Apple is introducing a new way to use your iPhone without having to worry about your information leaking to unknown forces.

Private Relay is part of Apple's new iCloud+ service, which includes several security-focused features at no extra cost to all current subscribers. Although Apple isn't referring to it as a VPN, Private Relay works quite a bit like one. Once enabled, you can browse Safari securely and privately, with all of your traffic encrypted before leaving your device. All requests are sent through two internet relays, and no one — not even Apple — can see what you're browsing.

Apple is a little late to the party on a feature like this. Google has had a VPN for its One subscribers since late last year, effectively offering the same style of protection on Android devices. Still, once iCloud+ ships later this year, it'll be a big boost in mobile security for anyone with an iPhone. You'll need to be on a paid iCloud plan to use Private Relay, however. Users maintaining their 5GB free plan will have to jump up to a higher tier to gain access.