How many times have you given out your email to an online storefront or service, only to come to regret the decision? Some companies abuse your inbox with countless promotions, coupon codes, newsletters, and spam multiple times per day. With iOS 15, Apple is adding a new method to its devices to make it easy to gain back control of your incoming emails.

Hide My Email is built into Mail, Safari, and iCloud and makes it easy to generate new addresses for any prompt quickly. Once you've generated a new email contact, all incoming mail is forwarded from that address to your personal inbox. If you decide you no longer need that email address, you can quickly burn it to stop receiving mail without having to jump through hoops to unsubscribe. Plus, it prevents any company from ever viewing your actual address in any form, so your data won't be liable to leaks or hacks.

You can also access emails you've previously generated through "Sign in with Apple," which previously generated disposable email addresses as well. The feature is part of Apple's new iCloud+ suite of security measures, alongside Private Relay for safer browsing online and HomeKit camera storage. iCloud+ will be available to all paid subscribers at no extra cost later this year.