Getting locked out of any account is annoying. Getting locked out of your iCloud account can be downright infuriating. Apple makes resetting your password rigorous if you've enabled its more robust account protections, but today, it announced a new way to avoid a potentially catastrophic loss of digital access to your data.

Trusted Contacts will allow you to select a number of persons in your iCloud contacts to act as human two-factor authentication keys. If you're locked out of your iCloud account, you can choose a trusted contact to get in touch with, who will then be able to relay you a 2-factor code to get back in. Your trusted contacts will only receive 2-factor codes on your request, of course, so there's no practical way for this to be abused (at least not easily).

I'd personally welcome a similar feature for Google accounts, or really, any of my important credentials. You never know when you're going to get stuck in a situation where traditional 2-factor may not be a reliable system for regaining access (such as a stolen phone) to your digital life.