Not only does customizing your homescreen give your favorite phone a unique style, it also injects a bit of your personality into the device you depend on day in and day out. Sure, downloading a new wallpaper may not be as immersive as installing a launcher or icon pack, but it can still go a long way in setting your phone apart from the rest. To help you out, we're giving away free wallpapers in every edition of the Android Police Newsletter. Here's how you can get the next one.

Let's be honest: Our resident photographer Jeff takes a ton of cool photos, and photos are meant to be enjoyed. So instead of letting them lie forgotten in a Google Photos folder somewhere, we've been slipping one into every edition of the Android Police Newsletter. So far, we've shared a couple dozen wallpapers spanning an array of themes, from nature shots, to beautiful abstract pieces, to breathtaking landscapes, and more.

A Wallpaper of the Week from 2020

Just like in previous weeks, you'll find the latest wallpapers in the Sunday edition of the Android Police Newsletter. That means you have to subscribe to the newsletter here to download them. Don't worry, just like our wallpapers, the newsletter is 100% free. So get to subscribing, and keep an eye out for the next wallpaper to land in our newsletter this weekend. Enjoy!