You can spend all the time in the world framing your shots, getting your lighting just right, and capturing the perfect moment — none of which does you much good if you can't find any of these awesome pics when you need them. That's why so many of us are enamored with Google Photos, and the powerful tools it offers to search through, browse, and organize your collection of thousands upon thousands of snapshots. Last month Google teased the arrival of a newly reorganized grid to improve discovery even more, and now we're starting to see pieces of it begin to arrive.

Google is using AI to help deliver an improved experience when browsing through photos. While your collection will still be listed in chronological order, this revamped grid will focus on boosting real photos to the top of your feed to help avoid clutter. This new Photos tab also highlights bundled albums, including trips, holidays, events, and best-of collections for each month.

While the grid still delivers your library in a timeline of events, this new experience helps keep your content more relevant. If one of Google's auto-generated bundles appears in your feed by accident, you can also hide it from view, just like how Memories can now be removed. This action just removes the collection — not your photos as stored in your library — so you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting snapshots. Google's new layout for photos were set to start appearing for users beginning immediately, while its new Memory categories for holidays will show up later this year.

Indeed, those prominent monthly collections have already started appearing for users. Once the feature lands for you, you'll start noticing these best-of sections at the start of each month, gathering Google's algorithmically determined top picks.

These Memories are only just one of many tweaks to Photos that have been spreading out to more and more users in recent days. We'll be keeping an eye out for the rest of what's expected, including the arrival of those holiday collections.

Monthly collections arriving

Updated with new Best of Month Memories.

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