Google just announced a new pair of wireless earbuds: the $99 Pixel Buds A-Series are a stripped-back version of last year's $179 Pixel Buds, and they're pretty good, but they lack some nice-to-have features like wireless charging. If you want the full-featured older pair, you're in luck: you can snag a pair for 90 bucks today, even cheaper than the A-Series.

On paper, last year's Pixel Buds have a lot of advantages over the A-Series: they have wireless charging, on-earbud volume control, and motion sensors that can tell when you're talking for better quality phone calls. The A-Series do make some improvements when it comes to Bluetooth reception and interference, though.

Antonline's eBay store has the 2020 Buds for just $89.60, which is $90 off MSRP and almost $10 under what the not-even-released-yet Pixel Buds A-Series will sell for. Hit the link below to grab a pair.