Paramount+, nee CBS All Access, is your one-stop shop for streaming shows like Star Trek, Nickelodeon, and all those cop shows your parents love to wait for on network TV. Though the service launched back in March, its plan options were a bit confusing. Starting next week, they'll be simpler, and at least one will be cheaper ... though you'll lose access to your local CBS station.

Beginning June 7th, there will be two plans: $4.99 a month basic, with commercials, and $9.99 a month premium without commercials, and with live access to your local CBS station. (That's assuming that your local CBS affiliate is available — most are, but since local channels can be owned by independent companies, it's not universal.) Naturally, the live station broadcast includes commercials, even though you're paying for the ad-free tier. The Paramount+ terms of service say there are also commercials on "a few shows," presumably due to contract issues, but does not elaborate on which shows they are.

Penny-pinchers will still be able to save a little money by paying for a year up front: $50 and $100 for the basic and premium plans, respectively. Oh, and though the basic plan doesn't get access to NFL games on the live CBS affiliate channels, "NFL on CBS" and UEFA Champions League games will be available on the cheaper plans via dedicated feeds. The CBSN national news channel is also included in the basic tier.

If you prefer the commercial option with the live channel included, which is currently $6 a month, then you can stay signed up and continue to pay that rate. (Or if you want to get in on it, sign up before June 7th.) As long as you don't cancel, you'll continue to keep access to your local CBS affiliate over the streaming service.

It's worth pointing out that the Android app for Paramount+ (where we first spotted this change) has absolutely abysmal reviews on the Play Store, currently sitting at 1.4 stars. It seems like a lot of stability issues and ads popping up where they shouldn't are souring the experience.