User profiles are extremely handy for online streaming services, if only so I can stop seeing random episodes of The Big Bang Theory show up in my HBO Max feed (which should be nothing but 90s WB superhero cartoons). Google apparently thinks that kind of separation will be useful for its revamped Android TV interface, because said profiles are on their way.

9to5Google tore down the latest launcher APK for Google TV (that's the newer interface running on top of Android TV on devices like the new Chromecast), and found a few interesting tidbits. Most notably, there's an option within the app that's not currently visible to end users: "Add another account to this device." According to the uncovered text, each account added to the TV or set-top box will have "their own personalized Google TV experience."

Whether that means different apps themselves will be available (which would be handy for anyone who shares a device but not the myriad of streaming services), or just that the recommendation for shows within the Google TV interface will be adjusted, we don't know. Either option would be an improvement over the single account support of the current system. The lack of support for multiple users, especially on a device that's ideally used in shared spaces like the living room, was one of the sore spots of its release last year.

But wait, there's more! Eventually. In addition to the new profile info, the teardown included expanded support for kid's profiles, which were added a couple of months ago. New options include the ability to hide specific movies and TV shows with a press-and-hold action. We don't know when these enhancements will be coming to Google TV, but if they're hiding out in the latest launcher APK, it should be sometime within the next couple of months.