Are you really an Android fan if you don't have at least one of Dead Zebra's figurines? The company has made countless limited-edition models of Google's mascot decked out in various themes, celebrating everything from Christmas and Chinese New Year to Oktoberfest and, uh, French cooking. If you've been hoping for a plain model you can keep on your desk year-round, an upgraded version of the standard Mini collectible Bugdroid is now available — and it even comes in dark mode.

This latest 3" figurine features an all-new construction, with improved colors and packaging. Both the antenna and the arms are posable, so you can customize exactly how your new desk buddy looks while working. The "dark mode" version is even better, with glow-in-the-dark plastic used for the eyes and mouth.

Both variants are available for pre-order at Dead Zebra's website for $10, with an optional display case for an additional $3 more. If you've missed out on the last few limited runs, either of these figures would make a great addition to your workspace. They ship next week, so make sure you grab yours now before either model sells out. And hey, while you're there, those Chrome Dino sets are still available as well.