As an international website with a mostly-US staff, covering a US company, we get a lot of commenters telling us how much it sucks that Google's stuff isn't available everywhere immediately. Well today all of you international readers get to thumb your noses at us! Assuming you live in Europe or Asia. And also that you really care about a very specific feature of the Meet video conferencing tool.

The live caption feature for Meet was previously limited to Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. As of today, the web version of Google Meet can display live captions in German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mexican Spanish in North America and Latin America. Captions can remain in their original language or be translated via the Captions menu.

Live captions on Android still aren't available in the western hemisphere, though they're live over in Europe and the Asia Pacific region (with extra French and Castillian Spanish, no less). Weirdly, those options also exist on iPhones and iPads, too. Presumably it will expand to more regions and platforms in the near future.