For a service that houses a lot of the world's music, YouTube certainly lacks some essential features that we take for granted on other music streaming platforms. But YouTube has been testing new features that make it a little more music-friendly, like listening controls and now, a proper Loop button on mobile.

The button was first spotted by DroidMaze several days ago, but it seemed to be a super limited test back then. Now, more and more users are reporting seeing it, so the test appears to be spreading a little more widely. I still don't have it on any of my devices or accounts, so I'll have to be a bit patient until it makes its way to me. In the meantime, jamming that replay button is the only solution for my Måneskin obsession, though that requires manual intervention and involves a few (sadly) wasted seconds of silence.

New 'Loop' button in playback controls on Android.

For those of you who are stuck on specific songs or videos, or who enjoy soundtracks, playlists-built-as-a-single-video, ASMR, and other ambient music while doing various activities, looping should be a useful and welcome feature. It's curious that YouTube hadn't implemented it yet on mobile. Even on the web, where it already exists, it's hidden under the right click menu on videos, and not easily visible near the play/pause controls. So hopefully the team is finally realizing there are some legit reasons why you'd wanna replay the same video over and over again.

'Loop' shows up in the right click menu on the web.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free