Video calls have no doubt become more popular in the past year or so. Those who deal with not-so-great Wi-Fi or just own less powerful devices have likely had to deal with poor call quality, but Google Meet will now tell you when your call quality is being affected and offer recommendations on how to fix the issue.

If Meet sees that your call quality has gone downhill, it'll now have what Google calls a "gentle notification" pop up from the three-dot "More options" menu, along with a little red dot, to tell you something's wrong. Clicking "Troubleshooting & help" from that menu will give you more info and help you troubleshoot.

That sort of notification isn't uncommon in the segment, but Meet will also offer personalized suggestions on how exactly you might be able to improve the quality. For instance, if your laptop has gone into battery saver mode and lowered your processor's speed to the point that the call starts lagging, Google might tell you to plug into your charger. Meet will also show one-click options to reduce resource consumption, including switching settings to use less CPU or network bandwidth, as well as adding closed captions to assist with the muddled-up audio.

These changes are rolling out to all users today, so if you've got a Meet video call in the near future, keep an eye out for them.