In a lot of ways, Fitbit's wearables are the best option for Android-compatible smartwatches. That's probably why Google straight-up bought the company, and is folding its fitness tracking smarts into Wear OS later this year. But Fitbit continues to support its existing home-grown products with software updates. It just happens that the latest one also ties it in even closer with Google's ecosystem.

According to the latest post on Fitbit's blog, a software update heading out to Fitbits equipped with a speaker (which at this point is only the Versa 3 and the slightly more advanced Sense) will allow Google Assistant to reply verbally, just like it does on phones and smart speakers. These Fitbit models came equipped with Amazon Alexa capability, but added Google Assistant text-only interactions late last year.

Don't worry: if you don't want your watch to talk to you, you can turn off Assistant voice interactions in the Settings menu.

The other big user-facing change for Fitbit OS is a new option to swap out watch faces more quickly. After updating to the latest firmware, pressing and holding on the main clock face will bring you to the Clocks app, where you can quickly swap between faces loaded on your watch. It's not quite as quick as Wear OS or Samsung's Tizen-based implementation, but it should save a few seconds if you frequently switch up your watch face.

Other smaller changes include the inclusion of SpO2 readings in the Today dashboard for Sense owners, new notifications for high and low heartbeat readings on the Versa 3 and above, and new on-wrist celebrations for fitness goals. Oh, and there are now branded Minions bands for the Ace 3. Horrible.