There are plenty of TV shows with wonderful intros. But even the best ones will grate on you if you're watching your seventh episode on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Hulu realizes this, and has added a "skip intro" button to its interface on Android, as it's had on the web and at least some smart TV platforms for over a year.

This is where I'd show you screenshots of the skip intro button running on my phone. But Hulu doesn't like that, so I couldn't actually get you an image of the Bob's Burgers intro, just the button. I apologize for the paranoia of media megacorps.

The skip intro button has been seen on other streaming services that heavily feature serial TV shows, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Plex. I wasn't able to see the button on the latest version of Hulu downloaded from the Play Store, but it's there in the most recent upload to APK Mirror. It should be propagating to more and more users via the standard download over the next few weeks.