Your excuses for your sedentary lifestyle are rapidly disappearing. The weather's getting better, days are getting longer, and with any luck you may soon be all vaxed up, ready to head out and take on the world. Many of us are putting in a little bit of an extra effort to get out and be active, hoping to shed some of this pandemic weight (and maybe then some), and there's no better tool to help you with that than a good smartwatch. This week Samsung's got fresh updates landing for a couple of its recent models.

Yesterday Samsung started distributing firmware R840XXU1BUE3 for its Galaxy Watch3, as well as R820XXU1DUE3 for the Watch Active2. Neither of these are particularly major updates, and both keep the watches on their same existing Tizen release.

What we do hear about are a few small tweaks to iconography: both to the Inactive Alert icon as well as auto-detect walking/running glyphs. And these models should each be getting a regular dose of stability improvements. But considering that's the sum total of changes here, we'd forgive you for not noticing that anything's really new.

Be on the lookout for update notifications landing soon for your Galaxy Watch3 and Watch Active2, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for any other updates arriving for the rest of Samsung's wearable lineup.