Turns out, What's on my screen is not much different than Where's Waldo — both are pretty good at hide-and-seek. It's been missing in action for several months, but the Google Assistant tool is now seemingly making a comeback, and it's even getting a new look.

Our friends over at XDA Developers have managed to find evidence about it in an APK teardown. The interface is still a work in progress, but from what we can see, the results offered by the tool will be collapsible. It will rest right under the My actions panel, which allows you to carry out some of your most frequently-used Assistant commands with a single tap.

The image you see above is obviously not how Assistant will look — the piercing colors are only placeholders and are likely there in preparation for Android 12's Material You theme — you can read more about that here.

To jog your memory, What's on my screen suggests actions based on what is currently showing on your display. For instance, it could identify the object on the screen or help you translate a foreign language. Until now, the feature required you to click on a suggestion chip, but now it's expected to work proactively. We'll be able to simply bring up Google Assistant on any screen and it will suggest actions without any further input. We're not sure exactly when the comeback will take place, but we'll keep tabs on the situation.