Android's got some good ones, but the iPad is widely considered to be the gold standard when it comes to tablets. This year's iPad Pro models pack the same Apple-designed M1 chip that's used in the new iMacs, so they're crazy powerful for tablets. The 11-inch model is also already on sale: you can get it for $50 off at Amazon and Walmart.

You may be wondering why you'd need a high-power desktop processor in your tablet — and truth be told, you really don't. The iPad can't run desktop apps, and there are few (if any) mobile apps that can take full advantage of the M1's grunt. Still, that means you won't need to replace this thing either until Apple stops supporting it or until it physically breaks — both of which should be many years from now. It's also got a 120Hz display and a USB-C port — features Android users have begun taking for granted in high-end devices that still aren't common in Apple hardware.

At $749, the iPad Pro is $50 off its MSRP. Proportionally, that's not a huge discount, but this is still the cheapest this model has been so far. You can grab one at this price either from Amazon or Walmart below.