Today, no matter where you buy a phone from, you'll most likely be able to change the system language to your mother tongue. However, it's much more of a gamble whether or not all the apps you want to use on your phone will also have the same kind of broad language support. Google, armed with its translation chops, appears to be working on addressing this with Android 12 on Pixel phones.

After the launch of Android 12 Beta 1, Google updated its API difference report with a new package, android.view.translation. While there is no documentation for it, the folks over at XDA Developers and developer Commonsware believe that Pixels will be able to offer system-supplied translations of user-visible strings.

In more straightforward language, Google will take up the job of translating text visible to users within an app to a language of their preference. However — as noted by the developer — it's not certain whether this feature will be optional for developers. If it is mandatory, it's not clear whether Google would help provide multilingual customer support needed by developers to address the queries they may receive from users.

The feature isn't currently available for the Pixel phones and XDA believes that if and when released, this ability won't be limited to a particular Pixel phone. Instead, it should be available on all supported hardware, right from the Pixel 3 series to the upcoming Pixel 5A 5G and the Pixel 6 series.