Apple's first over-ear ANC headphones, the AirPods Max, are more or less what you'd expect: they sound great, they're really well built, and they're really expensive. High quality, higher price is Apple in a nutshell. If you've been eyeing them but you've been waiting for a nudge, this could be it: they're at a $31 discount on Amazon, down to a historic low of $518.

You'll definitely get the most out of these if you have another Apple device — an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Features like surround sound-mimicking spacial audio and multi-device pairing only work in Apple Land. They'll still sound good on Android, but the bells and whistles are a pretty big part of the package here.

All the colors except Space Gray are on sale: green, red, silver, and blue (sorry, the gray is the only one we had to take a photo of). A discount of $31 may not seem like much, but Apple goods rarely go on sale at all — and hey, money saved is money saved. Follow the link below to grab a pair.