It's been more than a year since many of us got more acquainted with our webcams than we ever wanted to be. You've used the excess of personal time to invest in your personal health, right? Right? Well whether you have or haven't, keeping your health info to yourself is probably a good call. To that end, Fitbit now supports two-factor authentication (2FA) for its user accounts.

It's kind of strange that the company didn't already offer this basic security feature, since people are (understandably) protective of any information relating to their personal health. We might be seeing the influence of Fitbit's new owner Google here. It wouldn't be the first big change: in addition to officially supporting Google Assistant voice control on its high-end watches, Fitbit has announced that its much-loved fitness system will come to Wear OS at some point in the future, and that at least some upcoming Fitbit hardware will be designed to run Google's Android-based wearable operating system.

To enable 2FA for your account, open your Fitbit app, tap your profile picture in the top-left corner, then tap "Account settings." Inside there should be an option for two-factor authentication ... eventually. It appears to be coming in an update, because I'm not seeing it on the latest version of the app, either on Android or iOS.

So yeah, keep an eye out for that, because there's no way to set it up on the web. Even on mobile, 2FA is limited to text message verification, which is far from ideal. Hopefully the company will add support for more secure methods, like security keys or authenticator apps, before too long.

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