Most of Google's apps work pretty well together — as long as you ignore all of its various messaging clients. Gmail has allowed users to save attachments to Google Drive for years, but with Photos and Drive no longer as intertwined as they once were, adding an option for Photos makes total sense. Any images in Gmail can be uploaded directly to Google Photos beginning today, though not without a few catches.

Moving an image from Gmail to Google Photos follows the same steps that Drive-supported attachments have for years. Once your account has access to the feature, you can hover over any thumbnail included in a message to find the Photos icon right alongside the Drive button. If you have a photo open in full-screen mode, the option to move the image to Photos is found in the overflow menu.

Unfortunately, a couple of inconveniences keep this from being a home run. First, it's unclear whether this will head to mobile any time soon. Though we can't say for sure, Google's blog post only showcases Gmail's desktop interface, so mobile users may have to continue manually saving and uploading images from their inbox.

Second, only JPEG files are supported at launch, without any timeline for when PNG, GIF, or other file types might be eligible to be transferred.

Limits aside, it's still nice to see Google finally bringing two of its best apps a little closer. Photos integration with Gmail is coming to select users beginning today. However, it may take up to 15 days for the feature to reach everyone — just in time for free unlimited storage to disappear from all of our accounts.