Following disappointing sales of 2020's ultra-premium Galaxy Chromebook, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 launched at a much lower MSRP, starting at $550. Today, it's an even better buy: you can save up to $200, direct from Samsung, no trade-ins required.

While it doesn't have the first generation's gorgeous 4K display, there's still plenty to like about the Galaxy Chromebook 2: it's slim, it comes in that great orange color, and you can get it with a Core i3 CPU and eight gigs of RAM, which is a pretty powerful combination in a Chrome OS machine.

Both the m3 and i3 models are on sale. At $450, the m3 version is $100 off — but you'll probably want to bump it up to the i3 variant, which is going for $500 right now. With a stronger processor and double the RAM, it's got much more headroom than the base model does. The upgrade is also only 50 more bucks right now, which is a full $100 less than the normal upcharge. Hit the link below to check it out.