Google Docs is a pretty good word processor, especially considering you won't have to drop a dime to use it. It's not quite as fully featured as Microsoft Word, but most users find it perfectly acceptable for notetaking, writing essays, and working collaboratively with friends and colleagues. However, a handful of quirks have kept Docs from being crowned king of docs. Google is finally fixing one of the weirdest inabilities in the app, with images now able to be positioned in front of or behind text.

Considering this sort of text wrapping is something other word processors have had for decades, it's always been an odd feature excluded from Docs. A quick search on Google for ways to position words on images reveals countless forum posts of users trying to find workarounds to varying degrees of success. With this update, a real solution is finally available for the first time. This fix also means imported Word documents will finally keep the correct formatting.

Once this tool is available, options for placing images behind and in front of text will appear in the "Text wrapping" toolbar that loads after clicking on an image. It's coming to all personal Google accounts, as well as G Suite and Workspace users, as an "extended rollout" release, so it could take a while before most users can access these options. With any luck, WordArt isn't too far behind.